Who are we

Multidisciplinary reference platform

The idea of uniting professionals integrating developmental care concepts into their care philosophy was brought at the beginning of 2009. A first collection of opinions (in May 2009) received a positive echo from medical professionals such as nurses, psychologists and paramedical personnel.

The contacts confirmed the interest of joining together in an associative structure, both from a scientific and an European point of view.


The main objective of EADCare is to support developmental care methods in evolving with the following goals:

  • Promote a wide vision of child development and of the various approaches to developmental care.
  • Develop and support research relative to developmental care.
  • Favour early developmental care using a multi-disciplinary network.
  • Develop a partnership with parents association make them aware of developmental care approaches.
  • Train specialized staff: adapt and validate training programmes (at university level).
  • Encourage scientific exchanges through annual meetings and interdisciplinary and international research groups.

The aim is to create a multi-disciplinary reference platform supporting:

  • Clinical applications
  • Training
  • Research

By instituting this platform:

The specific knowhow of the various approaches will lead to the widening of knowledge and the optimization of the quality of care.

The training programmes, established at a European level, are an important aspect to develop and harmonize.

Research will provide new knowledge and incorporate new scientific knowhow into clinical performance in developmental care and to improve Child development

In order to achieve these objectives, the EADCare invites all professionals and associations involved to join this platform of scientific exchange and collaboration